'Trying Song' // Bluebeard (Cocteau Twins Cover)

'Trying Song' is a series of free cover songs originally mouthed by special women. The plan is to release the tunes as they are completed. 

The first offering is “Bluebeard” by Cocteau Twins. I’m  young enough to have missed the group in the 80’s and 90’s, but Elizabeth Frazer’s voice is a permanent truth and it changed me when I found it. 

I hope smiles happen when you hear it. We loved building it…such a beautiful song! Aubrey Trinnaman helped with her voice and the artwork. please share it with others who might feel it.

Download it for free (or donation) at our bandcamp page. Leave your email upon download to be sent the subsequent tunes. trying soon: Björk, Kate Bush, Innocence Mission, etc. 

HERE:  TaughtMe bandcamp page

TaughtMe “Really That Cute” live footage from Mt. Tamalpais

My dear friend Gabe suggested it, insisting that the record release show for “Am I Old?” take place somewhere very special. Clearly it was the right thing to do, so plans were hatched and scouting took place. On October 20th dozens of us lugged piles of gear across of Mt. Tam’s proud belly. Exhausted and happy, we setup beneath a generous Bay laurel tree and sang our songs. The mighty pacific heaved far below, blanketed by swaths of cloud. It was the right thing to do.

I’ll be posting 3 or 4 tunes from the gathering. Here’s the first: “Really That Cute”. Keep on the lookout for footage of Tiny Home’s set also. It was really REAL.


Am I Old? Rdio plays


Happy to see 1000 Rdio plays a month after the release of “Am I Old?”. As an independent music-maker, I often wrestle with the fairness of Spotify and Rdio. Today I’m feeling optimistic as I witness the extended reach of my tunes. 

I encourage us all to make ample use of the “share” options our music services provide. Our endorsements directly impact the artists that we love.

Here’s TaughtMe on Rdio (share me!):


and Spotify:


"Sometimes, music conquers your heart as soon as it reaches your ears. That’s exactly what happened when we were introduced to Am I Old?, the recently released fifth full-length album from TaughtMe. Utah native, San Francisco resident Blake Henderson, the man behind the project, spent the last five years crafting this exquisite, beautiful and heartfelt album."

Did ya hear about the TaughtMe covers project? well let me tell you about it, k?

I’ll be singing songs written by some of my favorite women. The first is near done. It’s a retake of this here Cocteau Twins tune.


review of "Into The Thicket" ]

"…The vocals are superb in this section, effortlessly mysterious and bristling with restless anxiety…During the final stage an off-kilter drum beat is introduced, sporadically tripping over itself with rhythms that are deliberately difficult to lock in with, icing off a wonderfully awkward piece of music.

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